Exultant Class Medium Cruiser

Captain’s Blog,

Stardate 2012.729

Like the Knox Class I made a few modifications to the Exultant class. Again removing the “mega phasers” and replacing them with sensor pods.



Diana Class Scout

Captain’s Blog,

Stardate 2012.720

I decided to modify the Diana Class Scout which was created by Vance. I reduced the number of warp nacelles to just one and added a sensor pod. I am linking the “evolution” of the ship with my version listed first.



Cochise Class Destroyer

Captain’s Blog,

Stardate 2012.714

Here is a modification of the Cochise Class Destroyer created by Vance. I felt the original placement of the Photon Torpedo pod was problematic, as there might not be enough room for the intermix chamber. I decided to place it on the top of the primary hull, similar to the Kiev Class.

Dastoor Class Exploration Heavy Cruiser

Captain’s Blog,

Stardate 2012.712

Here is another modification of a Vance starship. The Dastoor Class. Originally designated as a Scrapyard Cruiser (I am not exactly sure what a Scrapyard Cruiser is) I felt that if a made some modifications, I could salvage it into an exploration vessel. Additionally, in Farsi, Dastoor is a noun meaning order or edict.

I replaced the large photon looking pods with sensor pods.

Knox Class Medium Cruiser

Captain’s Blog,

Stardate 2012.78

Here is a modification of the Knox Class Frigate using the ship Vance built. I removed one of the hanger bays and replaced the “mega phasers” with sensor pods. Personally I never liked “mega phasers”, nor have I ever agreed with the designation of Frigate. So this ship is classified as a Medium Cruiser for research and exploration. The only reason the Reliant had phasers located on the roll-bar was in order to not confuse the audience during Wrath of Khan. Otherwise it would appear as if the Enterprise was firing upon itself.

Jiangwei Class PT Destroyer

Captain’s Blog,

Stardate 2012.73

Here is another modification of a vessel which was created by Vance. The Jiangwei Class PT Destroyer. This class is based off of the Type 053H3 Frigate which was in use by the  People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN or PLA Navy) of China.